Practising my sewing skills

Whipped up this make-up brush roll today using the instructions from Maker’s stitch book. It was really easy and good clear instructions, feel like I’m getting better with each little project I do. Need to keep practicing at keeping my lines straight and for some reason I’m struggling with my machine unthreading had to rethread all the time it was frustrating when it was in the middle of straight eeek. #beginnerproblems

I really want to make my first garment thinking of going for the tilly and the buttons Dominique skirt. Any sewers have a good recommendation for first garment?

Loving this years series of the sewing bee and Joe as the host, I still can’t decided who’s my favourite to win yet who’s yours?


Leader in training

I’m now officially a leader in training for girl guiding, feeling proud and ready for a new adventures and learning lots of new things, hoping to inspire girls to grow and discover new things. I think I’m really going to gain alot from volunteering and can already feel myself coming out of my shell.

Last sunday our unit represented Uganda as part of World thinking day it was my first experience at large scale event for the girls, I felt like I got to get stuck in and help the girls participate in activities we learnt Bhangra dancing, the girls made bracelets using fancy knots that I can’t remember the name of ! and many more activities.

Last night I went and helped out as they were short at my daughters brownies (I don’t usually help at my daughters unit an I wanted to start as leader to do something for myself whilst helping others so I help at another unit) . They made God’s eyes I was pleased it was a ‘yarny’ craft I was helping out with within my comfort zone. I had spare 20 minutes this afternoon so I sat and made myself one I love sitting and doing some crafting does the mind good 🙂 I’ll pop a picture below of the one I made, Hollys already asked to buy more sticks so we can make more as I have a steady supply of yarn handy !!!


I really want to try blog about my new guiding adventures much more often so keep a check on here.

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