Activation not Motivation


The start of the year I was all geared up and set on my weight watchers journey, typical start to the new year ! by April I’d managed to lose a stone and then promptly proceeded to give up on weight watchers as many others starting out on diet in January would have also done by this time of the year, now I find myself having regained that weight saying sod the diets, fads and gimmicks I quit all of them !! I’ve done them all and as described above they never last.

Good health is what I aim to strive for now, meal planning weekly and cooking homemade meals and obviously treats in moderation, with regular consistent exercise. I sit down once a week with my favourite cookbooks and sort my meals for the week my top tip whilst doing this is plan easy quick meals on the days your really busy or when have to rush back out to kids clubs etc then you are more likely to stick to it.

Planning for me is totally key I find that once I plan things down on paper I’m much more likely to achieve them this goes for all activities including visiting friends, chores, self-care, activities with the kids or hobbies. Once its all plotted down sticking to it becomes fairly easy and I get a sense of achievement once I’ve completed things. There will always be times you don’t feel up to doing the job/activity/hobby try using the 5 minute rule attempt to do the thing you’re dreading for 5 minutes, 95% of the time the 5 minutes flies by before you know it you’ve completed what you started,  this rule is particularly helpful with household chores ! but after 5 minutes you feel that you can’t manage stop sit down schedule the activity this doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Here’s a picture of the pad I use, and my homemade granola which is my breakfast organized for the week I’ll probably have this with yoghurt and fruit.


I ran Manchester half marathon again this year I’ll really didn’t train regularly but I really enjoyed the day it was fabulous and great atmosphere and I somehow manged to complete it quicker than the previous year I think the rain helped there !! Here’s a picture enjoying a well earned pint afterwards.



I have few projects on the go at the moment typical crocheter to many wip’s to count, I’m almost done with a fab  cosy cardigan, and a star blanket I’ll post when those are done. I did make these really cute christmas coaster’s with a pom pom I’m going to make a good pile of sets and hand them out as presents to people hopefully they’ll enjoy them.

Christmas Coasters

Thanks for Reading x