Harmony 24 completed



December 2017 – I completed the Harmony Blanket by Attic 24 Attic 24 Harmony Blanket Pattern . The colours of this pattern were so eye catching an beautiful my photos really don’t do it justice, I made this as Christmas gift for my friend she was thrilled with it phew !!! Took me about 3 months to complete as I don’t really have lots of spare time to crochet, the reaction she gave was 100% worth the effort.

I purchased the pack from Wool Warehouse click to purchase the harmony pack from wool warehouse , the pack comes with a brilliant printed pattern complete with pictures and a chart to organise your squares in the order Lucy made the design, highly recommend it.

After that I was a bit crocheted out !! (shocking) so I had a go a lined zipper pouch with the sewing machine, for this I followed YouTube Tutorial by Dana at made everyday she has loads of great tutorials. Made everyday Zipper pouch tutorial . I had a good go at this and its not perfect at all but I’m super proud here’s a couple of pictures.



Finally just like to recommend this self help book Hello my name is Sarah Doyle This is a journal about Becoming your own best friend . I do struggle with self-esteem issues I’m hoping to combat this by working through this 12 week journal, so far I’m enjoy the book answering some questions is quite difficult, I’m only 1 week in so far, so I’ll post again how I get on.

You can also check out Sarah on instagram for loads of positive tips. Insta


Thank-you for reading x


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