Space Camp 2019

Space Camp 2019

My First Camping Experience

9 Girls 3 leaders from our unit, joined the county camp SPACE in total 400+ girls and leaders in attendance, over the coldest May Bank holiday weekend EVER !!!

On arrival the girls worked in teams of 3 to each put up their group tent which encouraged the girls to work as a team and use their decision making skills, this has shown me how the five essentials of the girlguiding programme come together.  The girls all kindly helped to put the leaders tent. We then enjoyed a huge warm welcome at the opening ceremony which had everyone raring to go.

Ready for activities, the girls then got stuck into the activities including circus skills, inflatables, archery, challenge course, low ropes, pedal karts, team building, pyrography and many more. Some of the girls were really excited to take part on the greasy pole challenge, and we were amazed at their bravery (considering we’d had hail stones earlier in the day) at the willingness to plunged into a freezing cold pool, Well done Girls !!!!

It wasn’t all plain sailing, the toughest challenge of the weekend for the girls and leaders alike was the weather is was so cold we’ve been told the lowest temperature was -2 degrees (eeek!!!) , this did make the night-time particularly difficult for some of the girls and made being in a tent seem much more scary, but all the Girls were really brave and made a great effort to comfort each other. I tried to turn the gone midnight wee trips into a star gazing walk there were so many stars out as the sky was so clear, it was also an attempt to distract them from the cold.
(Also did have a little strop when the kitchen was closed for getting a hot drink oops!! hehe)

As a Leader in training I felt very welcomed into the guiding family and it has massively helped with my leadership skills and confidence, I enjoyed being able to help and encourage the girls when they were unsure about take part in activity or providing additional support at challenging activities. It was really inspiring and emotional to see the efforts of the core team and leaders  recognised and so many girls earning their BP award, I feel very privileged to be a part of girl guiding.

Looking forward to many more adventures. Sooty Owl


Practising my sewing skills

Whipped up this make-up brush roll today using the instructions from Maker’s stitch book. It was really easy and good clear instructions, feel like I’m getting better with each little project I do. Need to keep practicing at keeping my lines straight and for some reason I’m struggling with my machine unthreading had to rethread all the time it was frustrating when it was in the middle of straight eeek. #beginnerproblems

I really want to make my first garment thinking of going for the tilly and the buttons Dominique skirt. Any sewers have a good recommendation for first garment?

Loving this years series of the sewing bee and Joe as the host, I still can’t decided who’s my favourite to win yet who’s yours?

Leader in training

I’m now officially a leader in training for girl guiding, feeling proud and ready for a new adventures and learning lots of new things, hoping to inspire girls to grow and discover new things. I think I’m really going to gain alot from volunteering and can already feel myself coming out of my shell.

Last sunday our unit represented Uganda as part of World thinking day it was my first experience at large scale event for the girls, I felt like I got to get stuck in and help the girls participate in activities we learnt Bhangra dancing, the girls made bracelets using fancy knots that I can’t remember the name of ! and many more activities.

Last night I went and helped out as they were short at my daughters brownies (I don’t usually help at my daughters unit an I wanted to start as leader to do something for myself whilst helping others so I help at another unit) . They made God’s eyes I was pleased it was a ‘yarny’ craft I was helping out with within my comfort zone. I had spare 20 minutes this afternoon so I sat and made myself one I love sitting and doing some crafting does the mind good 🙂 I’ll pop a picture below of the one I made, Hollys already asked to buy more sticks so we can make more as I have a steady supply of yarn handy !!!


I really want to try blog about my new guiding adventures much more often so keep a check on here.

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Christmas crochet


Made a few gifts for Christmas, coasters instead of bottles of wine for people (I hope they forgive me for that). Reusable face scrubbies which I adore a simple pattern and the printable for the little box comes with the pattern which is by the fabulous Chummy Mummy the pattern was great value, I went with the beauty bundle highly recommend it.

The star blanket has gone to its new home with a colleague who has just finished for maternity leave expecting a little boy. I made it with paintbox chunky yarn I was impressed with the quality of the yarn it was the first time I’d used that brand.

The gorgeous women’s institute yarn from Hobbycraft is on my wish list for the new year thinking a waffle blanket with grey border fingers crossed it stays on the 3 for 2 offer until payday !! It comes in the 400g size as well 🙂 !

Its fab being able to do handmade gifts I think they are well appreciated and worth the time and hard work.


There was something I’d been wanting to do for quite some time but didn’t have the confidence, courage or self-esteem, in August I finally plucked up the courage to sign up as a volunteer with Girlguiding, I started in September and I’m currently attending fortnightly to help out I’ve chosen my owl name as Sooty Owl, it’s a special name to me as it was my first pets name (the best cat in the world). It will provide me with lots of opportunities whilst getting to help the girls. Already looking forward to some adventures for 2019.


Couple of the girls gave me a small present when we finished for Christmas this week it made me feel very emotional.

Lesson I’ve Learnt already, is to get stuck in and involved even if it’s something your nervous or scared to do, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Thanks for reading


Activation not Motivation


The start of the year I was all geared up and set on my weight watchers journey, typical start to the new year ! by April I’d managed to lose a stone and then promptly proceeded to give up on weight watchers as many others starting out on diet in January would have also done by this time of the year, now I find myself having regained that weight saying sod the diets, fads and gimmicks I quit all of them !! I’ve done them all and as described above they never last.

Good health is what I aim to strive for now, meal planning weekly and cooking homemade meals and obviously treats in moderation, with regular consistent exercise. I sit down once a week with my favourite cookbooks and sort my meals for the week my top tip whilst doing this is plan easy quick meals on the days your really busy or when have to rush back out to kids clubs etc then you are more likely to stick to it.

Planning for me is totally key I find that once I plan things down on paper I’m much more likely to achieve them this goes for all activities including visiting friends, chores, self-care, activities with the kids or hobbies. Once its all plotted down sticking to it becomes fairly easy and I get a sense of achievement once I’ve completed things. There will always be times you don’t feel up to doing the job/activity/hobby try using the 5 minute rule attempt to do the thing you’re dreading for 5 minutes, 95% of the time the 5 minutes flies by before you know it you’ve completed what you started,  this rule is particularly helpful with household chores ! but after 5 minutes you feel that you can’t manage stop sit down schedule the activity this doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Here’s a picture of the pad I use, and my homemade granola which is my breakfast organized for the week I’ll probably have this with yoghurt and fruit.


I ran Manchester half marathon again this year I’ll really didn’t train regularly but I really enjoyed the day it was fabulous and great atmosphere and I somehow manged to complete it quicker than the previous year I think the rain helped there !! Here’s a picture enjoying a well earned pint afterwards.



I have few projects on the go at the moment typical crocheter to many wip’s to count, I’m almost done with a fab  cosy cardigan, and a star blanket I’ll post when those are done. I did make these really cute christmas coaster’s with a pom pom I’m going to make a good pile of sets and hand them out as presents to people hopefully they’ll enjoy them.

Christmas Coasters

Thanks for Reading x

Half Term Holidays

Chee Dale exploring with Holly

Half term holidays have been a juggling act, but today I actually had a day off work so me Holly and her Granny we exploring through chee dale, hunting for butterflies and birds and bugs Holly really enjoys nature exploring as she’s busy exploring we got a good 5 miles walking done some of that paths were very overgrown can you spot Holly below……cofWe had a fab time highly recommend walking here & you always see lots of cyclists on the Monsal Trail an old railway & nature reserve Info about the Monsal Trail .

After all the hard work we enjoyed lunch at The Fickle Mermaid pub, this is where the diet went bust oops !!! I’ve been following weight watchers since the beginning of the year and finding it really suits and fits in with my lifestyle, Now I don’t feel so guilty about little treats like today’s pub lunch.

This shows my progress over 2 years, very late 2016 I began running using the Couch 2 5k which I highly recommend if you are considering running although I’d started running I never focused on my diet and as that famous saying goes “You can’t out run a bad diet” skip to the beginning of 2018 I’ve decided to focus on my diet and so far I’ve lost 15lb and my running is slowly and surely starting to improve.

Collage 2018-06-05 21_23_07.jpg I’ve no set time goals really just want to keep heading in the right direction.

Here’s a few more pics from today, The Stepping Stones are a lot of fun 🙂


Thank-you for reading Xx

Harmony 24 completed



December 2017 – I completed the Harmony Blanket by Attic 24 Attic 24 Harmony Blanket Pattern . The colours of this pattern were so eye catching an beautiful my photos really don’t do it justice, I made this as Christmas gift for my friend she was thrilled with it phew !!! Took me about 3 months to complete as I don’t really have lots of spare time to crochet, the reaction she gave was 100% worth the effort.

I purchased the pack from Wool Warehouse click to purchase the harmony pack from wool warehouse , the pack comes with a brilliant printed pattern complete with pictures and a chart to organise your squares in the order Lucy made the design, highly recommend it.

After that I was a bit crocheted out !! (shocking) so I had a go a lined zipper pouch with the sewing machine, for this I followed YouTube Tutorial by Dana at made everyday she has loads of great tutorials. Made everyday Zipper pouch tutorial . I had a good go at this and its not perfect at all but I’m super proud here’s a couple of pictures.



Finally just like to recommend this self help book Hello my name is Sarah Doyle This is a journal about Becoming your own best friend . I do struggle with self-esteem issues I’m hoping to combat this by working through this 12 week journal, so far I’m enjoy the book answering some questions is quite difficult, I’m only 1 week in so far, so I’ll post again how I get on.

You can also check out Sarah on instagram for loads of positive tips. Insta


Thank-you for reading x