Activation not Motivation


The start of the year I was all geared up and set on my weight watchers journey, typical start to the new year ! by April I’d managed to lose a stone and then promptly proceeded to give up on weight watchers as many others starting out on diet in January would have also done by this time of the year, now I find myself having regained that weight saying sod the diets, fads and gimmicks I quit all of them !! I’ve done them all and as described above they never last.

Good health is what I aim to strive for now, meal planning weekly and cooking homemade meals and obviously treats in moderation, with regular consistent exercise. I sit down once a week with my favourite cookbooks and sort my meals for the week my top tip whilst doing this is plan easy quick meals on the days your really busy or when have to rush back out to kids clubs etc then you are more likely to stick to it.

Planning for me is totally key I find that once I plan things down on paper I’m much more likely to achieve them this goes for all activities including visiting friends, chores, self-care, activities with the kids or hobbies. Once its all plotted down sticking to it becomes fairly easy and I get a sense of achievement once I’ve completed things. There will always be times you don’t feel up to doing the job/activity/hobby try using the 5 minute rule attempt to do the thing you’re dreading for 5 minutes, 95% of the time the 5 minutes flies by before you know it you’ve completed what you started,  this rule is particularly helpful with household chores ! but after 5 minutes you feel that you can’t manage stop sit down schedule the activity this doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Here’s a picture of the pad I use, and my homemade granola which is my breakfast organized for the week I’ll probably have this with yoghurt and fruit.


I ran Manchester half marathon again this year I’ll really didn’t train regularly but I really enjoyed the day it was fabulous and great atmosphere and I somehow manged to complete it quicker than the previous year I think the rain helped there !! Here’s a picture enjoying a well earned pint afterwards.




I have few projects on the go at the moment typical crocheter to many wip’s to count, I’m almost done with a fab  cosy cardigan, and a star blanket I’ll post when those are done. I did make these really cute christmas coaster’s with a pom pom I’m going to make a good pile of sets and hand them out as presents to people hopefully they’ll enjoy them.

Christmas Coasters 


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Half Term Holidays

Chee Dale exploring with Holly

Half term holidays have been a juggling act, but today I actually had a day off work so me Holly and her Granny we exploring through chee dale, hunting for butterflies and birds and bugs Holly really enjoys nature exploring as she’s busy exploring we got a good 5 miles walking done some of that paths were very overgrown can you spot Holly below……cofWe had a fab time highly recommend walking here & you always see lots of cyclists on the Monsal Trail an old railway & nature reserve Info about the Monsal Trail .

After all the hard work we enjoyed lunch at The Fickle Mermaid pub, this is where the diet went bust oops !!! I’ve been following weight watchers since the beginning of the year and finding it really suits and fits in with my lifestyle, Now I don’t feel so guilty about little treats like today’s pub lunch.

This shows my progress over 2 years, very late 2016 I began running using the Couch 2 5k which I highly recommend if you are considering running although I’d started running I never focused on my diet and as that famous saying goes “You can’t out run a bad diet” skip to the beginning of 2018 I’ve decided to focus on my diet and so far I’ve lost 15lb and my running is slowly and surely starting to improve.

Collage 2018-06-05 21_23_07.jpg I’ve no set time goals really just want to keep heading in the right direction.

Here’s a few more pics from today, The Stepping Stones are a lot of fun 🙂


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Harmony 24 completed



December 2017 – I completed the Harmony Blanket by Attic 24 Attic 24 Harmony Blanket Pattern . The colours of this pattern were so eye catching an beautiful my photos really don’t do it justice, I made this as Christmas gift for my friend she was thrilled with it phew !!! Took me about 3 months to complete as I don’t really have lots of spare time to crochet, the reaction she gave was 100% worth the effort.

I purchased the pack from Wool Warehouse click to purchase the harmony pack from wool warehouse , the pack comes with a brilliant printed pattern complete with pictures and a chart to organise your squares in the order Lucy made the design, highly recommend it.

After that I was a bit crocheted out !! (shocking) so I had a go a lined zipper pouch with the sewing machine, for this I followed YouTube Tutorial by Dana at made everyday she has loads of great tutorials. Made everyday Zipper pouch tutorial . I had a good go at this and its not perfect at all but I’m super proud here’s a couple of pictures.



Finally just like to recommend this self help book Hello my name is Sarah Doyle This is a journal about Becoming your own best friend . I do struggle with self-esteem issues I’m hoping to combat this by working through this 12 week journal, so far I’m enjoy the book answering some questions is quite difficult, I’m only 1 week in so far, so I’ll post again how I get on.

You can also check out Sarah on instagram for loads of positive tips. Insta


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10 Months Running

Current Plans


I last did a blog at the beginning of 2017 full of ambitions about learning to sew, they haven’t fully gone to plan but I think I was very overly ambitious for a beginner and sewing is also an expensive hobby !!! I have managed to complete a few sets of bunting and I have some Christmas fat quarters so I’d like to make some presents with those. I did make an attempt to do the Sew simple t-shirt but it was a disaster !!! I will try again though.

I have made a start on my Attic 24 harmony blanket but I really need to get a move on if it’s going to be ready for a Christmas present ! I’m loving the colours just gorgeous check out the pattern Harmony Attic 24

I did manage to complete a little pram sized ripple blanket for my friend who’s expecting in November I really enjoy crocheting the ripple blanket as it just works up gorgeous.

To my list of hobbies I’ve added running, back in January I cancelled my gym membership as I wasn’t making use of it and needed to save some money but to keep up some exercise so I decided to try running using the couch to 5k plan it was really tough but I managed to complete the weeks and began feeling easier to run for longer and before I knew it March came around and I signed up to run a Half Marathon for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on the 15th October !!!!

Training was going great but 2 weeks before the event I hurt my leg and it was really sore to run on, so I signed back up to the gym and did some non-impact training for the final 2 weeks and as the day of the Half Marathon arrived I was ready and excited to get going massively pleased once I began running I couldn’t feel the pain in my leg result 🙂 the atmosphere of the run was amazing I am definitely hooked now the support was amazing. I completed the Half in 2hrs 56min and 48secs.

IMG-20171015-WA0011 Photo of me enjoying myself at mile 6 🙂

I’ve lost 1 Stone since January which is massively way off what I need to lose as the saying goes ‘You can’t out run a bad diet’ which I’ve learned is completely accurate, tomorrow I am going to start the NHS 12 week weight loss plan I’ve downloaded the app and have a journal to record my food and hoping I can be successful at it.

I’ve found the running community on-line so inspiring and massively supportive no matter your ability beginner advanced are all just so positive and it’s really infectious.  If anyone would like to have ago at the couch to 5k programme Click here You Can Do it  


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Happy New Year 2017, New Goals

Happy New Year, Got some new goals for this year as always first and top of the list is learning to sew as I got a sewing machine for Christmas 🙂 after watching the great British sewing bee on BBC TWO last year I was hooked and the Christmas list filled up with lots of sewing goodies received from my family and friends. My machine is the hobbycraft midi machine Link to the machine I got can’t really provide a review just yet as just getting used to it and only had a couple of goes. Info about the Great British Sewing Bee.

Today I completed the Sewing machine driving test number 6 the tutorials provided by hobbycraft they great as they are really clear and easy to follow click here for the tutorial  Here is Holly modelling it for me and its an ideal size for a crochet on the go project. img_20170106_152716_245

The featured picture is a lovely baby boy willow square crochet blanket I completed for my colleague who’s baby is due very soon. I also made this jar cosy which fits around an old Yankee candle jar. Hoping to receive some flowers soon lol. imag1541

I have now become pretty confident in following a crochet pattern which I’m really proud of as when I first started I thought that it would be impossible.

Things I want to crochet in 2017 an attic24 harmony blanket for my best friend who wants a large blanket for Christmas, to finish my waffle stitch blanket, get up to date with my art of crochet magazine and to crochet a granny square per day.

Things I’d love to sew in 2017 ( I dont expect to be able to do all these this year)

  1. Curtians for my living room
  2. Cushions for my living room
  3. Tote bag
  4. Sew Simple top pattern
  5. Tilly and the Buttons Airelle Skirt
  6. Bunting
  7. a skirt for my Holly bobs
  8. Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress
  9. Table Cloth and runner (when I get a new Dining table)

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New Project, New Stitches

I’ve decided to embark on a Sophie’s universe blanket its an old CAL from 2015 but all the pattern and video tutorials are still available I’ve decided to do this to use up some scrap and left over yarns and to learn some new stitches and hopefully improve my crochet.

You can find the pattern here . Also google and look it up on instagram people have made amazing colour combinations with this blanket, I’m using the video tutorials to help me along by, Its all in a Nutshell crochet check her out I’m completed up to part 2 now 🙂 here’s the first one

I also managed to complete a little drawstring bag which came with The art of Crochet magazine by following the pattern and NOT using a video tutorial !!! I went slow took my time reading the pattern and counting my stitches I’m really pleased with the outcome I still need to improve on where you join stitches though mine always look a little messy and obvious.

Finally non crochet related but I have to recommend this Arnica Gel by SBC pictured with the drawstring bag its divine soaks into your skin instantly makes it smooth and soft, the arnica one is brilliant for aching muscles after workouts and feels so much nicer than a normal moisuriser I got mine at look out for it on TSV. 

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Current Crochet

Not wrote in such a long time since my last entry quite some time ago !

The new job has been going really well I’ve been there for 10 months now so feeling really settled in and have met some lovely new colleges, it has also meant more hours at work for me now so my crochet time has been very lacking recently buts here’s a couple of things I’ve managed to do.


The first picture of is of a waffle stitch blanket I’m planning on this on being a long project making it double bed size blanket hoping to complete for the next winter, the yarn is from hobbycraft is bonus sidar DK I picked a neutral cream colour with a lovely speckle dashed through it, the idea for the blanket was found on one of the crochet groups I follow on Facebook. The yarn is generally on 3 for the price of 2 so stocked up on it with my giftcard the kids got me for mothers day :).

The next picture Boodles textile yarn I picked this up in TKMAXX home dept, literally my favourite place to browse at the moment for lovely home stuff and craft items. However I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet any ideas ???

Finally the lovely pink baby blanket I completed this in 2 days as I was literally hooked was so quick any and easy all thanks to the tutorial by Jayda InStiches She has loads of fabulous tutorials please check them out. I can’t wait to give this gift to my friends new arrival due very soon 🙂

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